The TED Program

Program Overview

The TED Program is a comprehensive Twelve (12) week program consisting of Eight (8) components to assist business owners in growing and strengthening their brand as well as market and social media reach utilizing the following principles:

Thoughtful Entrepreneurship through Discovery

The TED Program provides Eight (8) essential components to foster success! Each session will be conducted via a Thirty (30) minute phone session or In-Person meeting once per week over Twelve (12) consecutive weeks.

Components Include:

What’s Your Big Why? – Knowing your motivational aspect is essential for your entrepreneurial success. I want to discuss how your drives can be applied to successfully leveraging your business.

What Do You Want? – Introducing and applying a Business Blueprint with measurable goals will assist in your entrepreneurial success.

Finding Your Voice – "Communication is Key" is not a cliché; it's the truth. Let's work together on Intentional Communication and using Concise Dialogue. 

Story Integration – Fortifying your brand via your story will build familiarity, commonality and resonate with your clients. 

Branding – What does branding mean to you? e will discuss YOU as YOUR Brand and how to develop that brand through guidance and gravitation.

Social Media Review & Critique – We will review all your Social Media platforms for optimization and impactful content.

Utilizing Facebook Live – Specific methods and Strategies will implement Facebook Live in your business to increase your exposure and generate leads.

Appearance on The Ted Show Live – Exposure on The Ted Show will be a fantastic way to share your story and all the components we have developed together.

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