I'll Have Another...

What would a 30 minute Live Facebook program with ten of thousands of followers do for your business?

As the exclusive guest of the program, “I’ll Have Another” your Bar will be showcased by Ted Bogert of The Ted Show accompanied by you or your representative.  We will explore your wonderful venue, service, staff and provide you with a platform to tell YOUR story – which we all know Bars are the epicenter of the best fables. 

As we know every marketing dollar spent has to have an expected return and on “I’ll Have Another” we understand your need to turn that customer into a long time raving fan. We are here to give you the ability to 

reach tens of thousands of new clients and keep your long time customers engaged.

For the minimal investment of $250 this exclusive live and on- site event is the best use of your marketing budget. The Live episode will be shared to your business Facebook Page and can be utilized on your website as well. Your episode will be promoted via The Ted Program Facebook Page as well as on The Ted Show webpage tab “I’ll Have Another”.

“I’ll Have Another” is broadcast live from the venue to be showcased and hosted by Ted Bogert.

To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity please contact:



Introduction Video

Check out this great introduction video for this exclusive live and on-site event that will be an amazing use of your marketing budget.

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$250 Remote Facebook Live Showcase of your Venue